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Faith Formation - Confirmation preparation (9th - 12th grade) 

In our new approach to Confirmation preparation, teens will be awakened to a sense of belonging to the Church. Our desire is for this to lead them toward a more intimate union with Christ.

  • Year 1 – teens will go through the 12 Sessions of the "Chosen" Confirmation Program by Ascension Press via zoom with small groups.
  • Year 2 – teens will complete the second 12 Sessions of the "Chosen" Confirmation Program by Ascension Press. via zoom with small groups.
  • For the time being, we plan on offering a digital retreat for both years. Other events and activities may be offered as time progresses.
  • Opportunities for both in-person and online will be offered but will be evaluated month to month. 



Course Name: Confirmation 1 B


Teacher Name: Maricruz Baltazar




Course Name: Confirmation 1 D


Teacher Name: Valerie Olson




Course Name: Confirmation 2A


Teacher Name: Julian Venegas




Course Name: Confirmation 2C


Teacher Name: Daniel Ramirez



Course Name: Confirmation 2D


Teacher Name: Fernanda Torres